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1. How do I find my photos?

Go to and type in your event followed by your name or your bib number. 


2. Why are there no photos of me appearing?

This sometimes happens if your bib number was not completely visible or if it was being obstructed by something during your event - meaning our recognition software could not identify your photos. If you don't have any tagged images, please browse the 'All Photos' galleries by time and location to find your photos. To make things easier for you we usually record the approximate times that you passed our photographers and you'll be automatically directed to those parts of the galleries. Please bear in mind that these times should only be used as a guide and you should still look at the photos from 60 seconds either side of your suggested time.


3. How do I know when all of my photos have been uploaded?

You will receive an SMS message from RaceAtlas once we've tagged two of your photos and then again once all of your photos have been uploaded. You'll also recieve an email once all photos from the event have been uploaded. 


4. What do I do if I have other people's photos in my gallery?

Sometimes we will tag other people's photos to your gallery if it looks like they're wearing the same bib number as you. You don't have to worry about this - just don't download those particiualr photos when you purchase your 'All Photos' pack. If you really want to however you can log in and select 'Remove photo from My Photos' and the image will be automatically removed from your gallery. 


5. Why I can't I download my photos on my computer after I already purchased them on my phone? 

This usuaully happens when you're not logged into the same account that you used to purchase your photos on your phone. Please make sure that you're logged in on your computer so that we know that you've already paid for you photos. You can log in to your account here:


6. I forgot to enter the same day promotional code - would it be possible to be refunded the discount amount?

We'll be happy to refund you the discount amount as long as you email us on the same day as the event. Please email and quote your invoice number so that we can organise a refund of the discount amount ASAP. 


7. Can I purchase photos from more than 12 months ago? 

Unfortunately we only keep photos on our servers for 12 months since we believe this gives our participants ample time to purchase their photos.. 


8. Why do you want my email address?

We send an automatic email to confirm your order and another when it has been fulfilled. It has a link to your images and your invoice attached.


If you still can't find what you're looking for please contact the below email, quoting your event, bib number and invoice number where possible.